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The name of our foundation is BANNER OF LOVE INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH, INC. It is a Christian faith base. The foundation is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION (501)(c)(3) tax federal and state exempt and it's primarily created exclusively to help life by educating, promote healthy life, to give out free education from nursery, elementary level to high school and to college, to help to provide decent shelter in new and renovated houses from studios and up to four bedrooms, old people home which will specially be build for poor and needy seniors here in America and beyond absolutely for free.
Banner of Love International Outreach, Inc  rely solely on charitable gifts from individuals, corporations, and other foundations to further its goals. We will also partner with other organizations to help in disaster relief and humanitarian aids. Our focus also involved us in going to the third world countries to help the needy and to provide good nutrition food, clinics, medications, treatment and clothing for all those who will need them without any cost, and to work with other organizations to find lasting solutions to suffering people around the globe. 
We want to increase knowledge and awareness, most especially about healthy life to people who are in other part of the world that has little or no medical availability. To also reduce the community tensions and to help to reduce juvenile crime and prostitution. It is our joy to bring relief to the poor, the distresses and under privileged. This foundation is specifically local and international organization so that our helping hand will not be limited to the USA but to other nations who never have the wonderful opportunities of medical care and amenities we have here in America.
Our vision for this foundation is to be as good as we can in all areas we have chosen. We will not restrict our services to any one that is needy no matter who they may be, religion or race.
There are professional medical teams that are affiliated to our organization, they are dedicated to help prevent, controls and provide treatment to heart patients, breast cancer, ovarian /prostate cancer, diabetic and HIV/Aids patients who cannot afford the cost of treatments.
The organization will be participating and organizing workshops, health fairs, activities on breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular services, homeless, orphanage and disaster/humanitarian relief. The organization is embodying with five board members of directors and seven public members who govern this foundation and also embank with us are many volunteers. We are a Federal and state tax Exempt Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. We are located in New York State.
We can only achieve this mission by soliciting donation of cash, medicines, medical supplies, food, clothing, other relief materials, building materials, writing materials, computers and many other things. As you read on, you will see the areas in which our organization render help to people around the globe. We greatly believe that everyone is entitled to a life of dignity and opportunities, this why we will be working mainly with poor and needy communities and local organizations.
Our foundation is always seeking experts and professional advice from doctors, nurses and volunteers, who will be interested in offering their expertise to our organization who may also love to travel with our organization to other countries for workshops and giving professional treatment to those that will need them. All traveling, feeding and living expenses will be paid. We need those who are specialized in;
  4. HIV/AIDS.
  1. To see that pregnant women and their unborn babies are been properly taking care, and regular checkups for the mothers and babies.
  2. To educate and finance the needy in the areas of their needs especially in diagnosis’s, prevention and treatment in cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, HIV/Aids, river blindness, and menopause.
  3. To create strong and influential impact to the life’s and well-being among men, women and children of all ages, of any race, and any religion who have been affected by any of these deadly illness.
  4. To liaise with the government /people of countries we visit, to spread information on these deadly diseases, especially in the area of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE.
  5. To feed, and clothing motherless/orphan children who’s parent died from Aids, disaster relief, and give education to those that needs them AT NO COST.
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